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Sinking into a comfortable bed at the day end after a busy schedule is the most peaceable feeling. So when you’re lying in bed and ready to get a good night’s sleep, what kind of sheets do you put on? Are they deep pocket sheets? Do they feel good on your skin?...Learn More

What Are Deep Pocket Sheets?

Sinking into a comfortable bed at the day end after a busy schedule is the most peaceable feeling. So when you’re lying in bed and ready to get a good night’s sleep, what kind of sheets do you put on? Are they deep pocket sheets? Do they feel good on your skin?...Learn More

The Soft & Smooth Luxury Fitted Sheet

Did you know that one of the most common things to affect the quality of your sleep is the thin layer of fabric that you sleep between? Finding the best luxury fitted sheet set to suit you can be one of the most important components to ensure that you are getting a good...Learn More

How to Find the Perfect Fitted Sheets for your Bed

Five things to keep in my mind before investing in your next dreamy set of fitted bed sheets — they may just be the perfect fitted sheets for your bed. There is a wise old saying that says we should invest in a great mattress because we spend one-third of our lives in...Learn More

Cotton Vs Microfiber Sheets: What’s the Difference?

Climbing into a comfortable and cozy bed at the end of a long day can promote relaxation and peaceful slumber. Good bed sheets especially cotton sheets and microfiber sheets are important when it comes to having a fully rested sleep. Not only do these bed sheets affect your...Learn More

A Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet Made From Egyptian Cotton

A goodnight’s sleep contributes to our overall happiness and health; it is essential for a productive day. So, when you lie down on your bed and you are all ready to sleep, what kind of sheets do you sleep on? Are they comfortable? How do they feel on your skin? And, most...Learn More

The 5 Best Fitted Sheets That Won’t Come Off

It is easy to find a fitted sheet, but it’s a daunting task to find one that actually stays in place. The next time you are out shopping, look for the best fitted sheets UK that hug your mattress snugly. You should pick sheets that are the correct size of your mattress with...Learn More

The Perfect Fitted Bed Sheet To Complement Your Bedroom

Designing and styling your home is an overwhelming yet pleasant experience. When you are trying to create a certain look and feel to a particular space, especially your bedroom, color, and fabric are extremely important. Colors have a psychological impact on the brain, and...Learn More

Surprising Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Cotton Sheets

After a long working day, we all want to snug in the bed for a perfect night’s sleep. Comfort is the ultimate weapon to induce a sound sleep of eight hours. But, many of us are troubling to have quality sleep and spending sleepless nights tossing and turning, cursing...Learn More

Best Fitted Sheets in Germany For a Goodnight’s Sleep

You are between the sheets for one-third of your day, so why not make your bedding that would be too appealing to crawl into? You’ll want to make sure you invest in the linens that feel great and will last long. A high-quality life revolves around a bed designed with...Learn More

Comprehensive UK Bedding Sizes Guide

Do you ever hesitate whether the bedding you’re buying will ideally fit the size of your bed? Will your new comfortable mattress topper suit flawlessly? Will your new luxurious bedspread be a perfect match for your pillows and duvets? Forget about your concerns with our...Learn More

The Best Kids Fitted Bed Sheets

The best kid’s bedding sets are the focal point of your LO’s room. Picking out cute and endearing bedding together- bedspreads and pillows – can drum up anticipation for their newly ventured independence. After all, moving from cribs and cots into a big kid bed...Learn More

The King Size Fitted Bed Sheets

A bed is a place to relax and retreat after a full day of workload. It helps us unwind our minds and relax. It provides us with a cozy atmosphere and makes us comfortable. No other place in our home may be dearer to us than our bed. We know that this is the only place that...Learn More

The Queen Size Fitted Bed Sheets

A neat and tangle-free bed is the most inviting element in your bed space when you come home after a long day. To ensure comfort and tidiness, the selection of bed sheets is very important. Fitted sheets play a significant role in maintaining the neatness of your bed....Learn More

Things to Know About Fitted Sheets Vs. Flat Sheets

Slipping in between crisp, cosy bedsheets is a blessing. It takes away your fatigue and leaves you in a peaceful slumber. But beyond the relaxing feel of the bedsheet is an age-old debate over fitted sheets vs. flat sheets. If you are not sure what all the fuss is about, stick...Learn More

Why Do Fitted Sheet Come Off Crucial

Let me give you a scenario, you have just slammed in your brand new sheets. They are comfy and cozy just to your liking. You can’t resist cuddling in your sheets for a peaceful slumber. Just one problem your sheets fail to stay in place. No matter what you have tried, they...Learn More

What To Keep In Mind Before You Go To Buy Fitted Sheets?

You spend one-third of your day cuddled up, between the sheets, so why not make your bed of a kind you can’t wait to crawl into? Fitted sheets are an integral part of the bedding as they make the very first layer of the bedding. Buying good quality fitted sheets is the right...Learn More

How to Turn Flat Sheet into Fitted Sheet?

A smooth and wrinkle-free bed is the most welcoming thing in a bedroom. And, to make the bed always look welcoming and tidy, the selection of bed linens becomes very important. There is a raging debate about fitted sheets over flat sheets. However, both come with their pack of...Learn More

Cotton Fitted Sheets in Pakistan

Our bedsheets are manufactured with a complete process that gives a softer and a glossy feel so that you feel very lavish and get a peaceful sleep. If you have ever think what it feels like to sleep in clouds, you get enough close to the feeling when you sleep on our brand of...Learn More

50 Poly 50 Cotton Fitted Sheets

50 Poly 50 Cotton Sheets is perfect for your room, kids’ rooms, hotels, and luxury apartments as it is sure to give them a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s the perfect choice in the warmer days because it keeps them cool for a whole night. It’s ready with...Learn More

Double Jersey Fitted Sheets

Double Jersey Sheets provide a space of comfort and calm, with these high-quality manufactured bedsheets, is help in the wake up feeling energetic and joyful. Double Jersey Sheets are manufactured from high and durable quality from organic, sustainably fibers of jersey cotton...Learn More

Advantages of Institutional Fitted Sheets

People love to use fitted sheets for their comfort, temperature, natural properties, welcoming, and feel free to brings them for a bedroom. In a bedroom or a luxury hotel, our Institutional Fitted Sheets are manufactured from very high quality and processed into various...Learn More

The Importance of the Eco-friendly textile industry in Pakistan

Look around! It is most likely whatever you wear is made out of fabric, so are the things you use for home textiles, like bedsheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, curtains, rugs, etc. This signifies the importance of textiles in our lives. But have you ever mused over the...Learn More

Fitted Sheets and Their Advantages

What grabs your attention straight away when entering someone’s bedroom? Probably the color and the kind of their sheets on the bed, right? That is why choosing the bed linens or sheets becomes very important in order to create a perfect look for the room. Take our advice and...Learn More

The Ultimate Guide To Layer Your Bed In Style

Bedrooms in magazines create the perfect image of comfort and tranquillity. They always appear sumptuous and plush. The mantra is to ponder into the detail of bedding basics. Cozy and stylish bedding doesn’t mean you need to buy a whole new suite for a seasonal and...Learn More

Top 10 Products of Home Textiles

The home textile industry is the most innovative sphere of fashion. The industry has covered every product that can bring lively and refreshing colors of excitement to your life. Be it your bedding cabinet, or if it is your overall home interior regarding fabrics, in which you...Learn More

Difference Between Cotton & Polyester Fitted Sheets

Figuring out the best fabric suitable for your bedcovers is a tricky job. You often look for a sheet that doesn’t slip off while tossing and turning during slumber. Picking the right sheet is imperative to a perfectly good night’s sleep. Fitted sheets are no less than a bliss...Learn More

Usage Of Fitted Sheets

Shopping for new sheets or bedding is a treat. It gives a new look to your bedroom. The home textile industry always tries to make bedding products more inviting and comforting, and fitted sheets are one of them. Fitted sheets are perfect for slumber as these sheets do not...Learn More

Why Adequate Sleep is Important

Getting a goodnight’s sleep is all about the time you sleep and the sleep cycle or pattern you follow. Its significance is undeniable because it re-energizes the body and makes it fit to function efficiently another day.  You must have read the wise words of Benjamin...Learn More

How to Clean Your Room in Five Minutes

The feeling of a well-kept room when you come back from work, all tired and exhausted, is very gratifying and enthralling. But how can you make your bedroom more welcoming and cleaner? The key to cleaning briskly is to organize your things-to-do list, to ensure what needs to...Learn More

Shocking Facts You Really Need To Know About Bedding

Ah, I didn’t have a proper sleep! How often did you say this in the morning? Probably most of the time, when one of your co-workers ask why are you so cranky, and sluggish today?  Poor sleep can foul up your entire day, and you will feel that you have the attention span of a...Learn More

Safety Measures to Deliver Products in Covid-19

Rainbow Hosiery Continue to deliver its Products in Covid-19 Pandemic by following safety measures in compliance with SOP and WHO As the COVID019 Pandemic touches all facets of daily life for almost everyone around the globe, no...Learn More

Types Of Fitted Sheets That Make You Feel Comfortable

Types Of Fitted Sheets That Make You Feel Comfortable While Sleeping Fitted sheets are the most trending in bedding items these days because of their snug fit and easy to care features. Fitted sheets cover the mattress and save it from...Learn More

Difference Between Fitted Sheets and Flat Sheets

Bedding items don’t have a diverse category or confusing options to debate on, but still, there has been a topic of the argument trending over the web, and it is “Fitted Sheets Vs. Flat sheets.” People are not sure about to stick to which one of them. If you’re also not clear...Learn More

International Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles

Rainbow Hosiery is Participating and Showcase all range of “fitted sheets” in the biggest international trade fair Heimtextil for home and contract textiles, which is held at Frankfurt am Main Germany from 7 to 10 January 2020. The first trade fair of the year for...Learn More

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